Hand Dyed Quilted Lorus Placemat

Set of Hand dyed Quilted Lotus Placemats


Quilted "Lotus" placemats (2)

Beautiful background hand dyeing created by “ice” dyeing which generates flower-like patterns that are unique create interest in the linen placemats. The placemats are reversible with linen on one side and cotton on the other in matching colors. The striking silkscreen pattern in blue is a design representing lotus flowers, lotus seeds, and the long stems that hold the flowers high above the pond. My inspiration is our koi pond where each year pink lotus thrive. The mats are quilted and the edges finished with a decorative stitched edge. Placemats are 18.25” wide and 12.5” tall. Machine wash gentle. Dry hanging, flat, or by machine on low to medium heat.